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Critique on Leadership A Communication Perspective

Critique on Leadership: A Communication Perspective Summary â€Å"Effective leadership is the product of the creation and delivery of inspiring and compelling messages.† (Hackman Johnson, 2009, p. 336). This book is a comprehensive review of historical insights, current theories and recent research on leadership theories and leadership issues, with an emphasis upon how effective leaders communicate. Leadership: A Communication Perspective is based on the current and somewhat American idea that leadership can be learned and anyone can be a leader. Leadership is viewed as an interaction between leaders and followers, in which shared goals are discovered. Humans are unique in their use of symbols. As leaders, this ability to create†¦show more content†¦Hackman and Johnson (2009) provide the needed communication techniques, characteristics and goals to become effective in each of these areas. They also practically provide insight into ineffective techniques, the styles and characteristics that need to change for an individ ual to effectively lead. After a comprehensive review of historical and current theories, the authors discuss practical implementations of leadership in such areas as diversity, crisis management, and leadership development. Personal Response Leadership: A Communication Perspective was clear, comprehensive and easy to read. The use of examples of successful leaders who had implemented each theory was inspirational and helped to further explain each theory’s implementation. The use of case studies, self assessments, and application exercises kept the focus on how the reader can change and become a more effective leader. The use of â€Å"Spotlight on Technology† and â€Å"Leadership on the Big Screen†, kept it interesting and made it more personally applicable. This writer is interested in other cultures and especially enjoyed the sections on â€Å"Cultural Connections† with its emphasis upon how cultural values impact the effectiveness of many theories or strategies. By emphasizing the spiritual and ethical dimensions of leadership the book demonstrates that leadership is more than behavior. Stephen Covey’s â€Å"The 7 Habits of Highly EffectiveShow MoreRelatedThe Timeless Quality of the Foundations of Excellent Leadership1177 Words   |  5 PagesFoundations of Excellent Leadership Are Timeless Introduction It is often said that a manager is what one does and leader is who one is. This is especially the case during times of turbulent economic, social and political change. In the debate of whether the effectiveness of a leaders communication skills is dependent on their age or generation, one must take into account one of the most critical skills in any leaders skill set, and that is emotional intelligence (EI) (Avolio, Yammarino, 2002)Read MoreApplication For Successful Electronic Health Records947 Words   |  4 PagesReflection Paper Introduction As per Fenton, Giannangelo, Stanfill (2006), Workflow, project management, personnel, training, support, communication, motivation, vision, leadership and evaluation, are essential considerations for successful electronic health records (EHR) implementations. HI 5329 Assessment and Evaluation course utilized a team work practical approach that covers explicitly or implicitly the majority of those considerations. The first six modules within this course focused mainlyRead MoreCritique of Meindle’s Management and Leadership Styles1177 Words   |  5 PagesCase Analysis: Zelte USA By Kimberley Coleman Strayer University BUS 520 Critique Meindle’s management and leadership styles. Meindle’s approach to management resembles a hierarchal structure, with orders coming down from the top with very little upward communication. He didn’t pay much attention to individual personalities. Maintaining tight control over all company operations was the way Meindle managed Zelte. He refused to allow other sales representatives to contact the company’sRead MorePractices of Leadership Contribute to Managing Communication in the Post Bureaucratic Era1415 Words   |  6 PagesIn this essay, I am going to discuss how practices of leadership contribute to managing communication in the post bureaucratic era. This essay shall discuss the effectiveness of leadership approaches in the post bureaucratic era in managing communication in organizations. In section 1, I shall discuss leadership in terms of communication by drawing upon the article by Barry B. (2007). In addition, I shall also discuss the use of communication in running an organization in a le ader’s desired way (JackRead MoreThe Hidden Curriculum, And The Way That Social Classes Work Within The School System1512 Words   |  7 Pagessocial classes of schools and the impact of the curriculum being effected by the class of the institution. In class, we’ve yet to touch strongly on the topic of Special Education, and this field is one that intrigues me as the styles and types of communication that are used are different than what I personally have experience with. A lengthy text at 55 pages, the document walks through the different resources that are used for students with Special Education Needs in regards to conflict resolution andRead MorePersonal Statement : Pursue School Counseling914 Words   |  4 Pagesas a school counselor. I am currently a communication major and human services minor. Though communication may not be the prerequisite field of choice, as say psychology, I feel that it has equipped me with a unique perspective on people. For four years now I have learned what healthy, effective communication looks like and how to apply it. I have taken courses in interpersonal, gendered, business, non-verbal, and leadership communication. My leadership classes have been particularly helpful inRead MoreSch ool Wide Change Management Requires An Effective Process1587 Words   |  7 Pagesprocess involves a clear vision, collaboration, communication, accountability, and thorough evaluation. Inspiration leadership requires leaders to be visionaries that can guide people toward a clear, detailed vision of the future with a firm hand. Goleman refers to this type of leadership as ‘Visionary’ leadership (Goleman, 2002, p. 58). In order to create effective change, one must know the direction the school needs to take. This requires the leadership to be transparent regarding the data and causeRead MoreI Am Experiencing Through Self Assessment1674 Words   |  7 Pagesgoals and plans into a cohesive whole. When a team is successful, it funnels the energy of team members for the overall good of the organization. Aligning my strength of team building with effective communication skills Critical factor in team success is Effective Communication skills- Communication supports each of a manager’s P-O-L-C functions. The ability to effectively communicate is a necessary condition for successfully planning, organizing, leading and controlling. It is how we coordinatesRead MoreDpt Essay Examples726 Words   |  3 Pagesprofessionals to help serve the diverse patient populations in any future setting. Being able to critique my fellow students as well as being critiqued myself would further enhance my ability to learn. As a student-athlete balancing both academics and athletics, I have learned the importance of working alongside others towards a common goal and have gained valuable work ethic skills. I have also learned how leadership plays an essential role in reaching that goal. Additionally, working as a Certified NursingRead MoreThe Transformational Leadership Model Of A Business Environment1426 Words   |  6 PagesThere are several different theories that can be applied to leadership. Hence, there are no right or wrong theories, purely just diverse perceptions. The trait theory of leadership believes that leaders are born and not made. This theory claims that leadership is inherited, and great leaders are born with natural leadership traits. Zaccaro, S. J. (2007) defines this as a â€Å"unique property of extraordinary individuals whose decisions are capable of sometimes radically changing the streams of history†[Pg6]

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